Get Hooked On The Tin Fish Concept! The Tin Fish Restaurants 

Fifteen years ago, Tin Fish Restaurants was launched to create an exciting blend of delicious seafood with a mission to deliver a high-quality experience through offering fresh lean healthy seafood meals and incredible Fish Tacos to its customers. With opening over 11 Tin Fish locations in 4 states, the Tin Fish Restaurants has become a fast growing restaurant chain and has decided to license and continue to expand its nationwide presence. This controlled and slow growth makes now the ideal time to open a Tin Fish Restaurant business.

As the need to deliver a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) to a fast paced, ever-changing world, The Tin Fish Restaurants is now offering it’s perspective candidates an exciting business plan with:

  • Strong margins and attractive returns with average annual gross sales from $600,000 to $2.6 million depending on size, location, and demographics.*
  • Support and Training for all Tin Fish Intelligent Systems, Procedures and Protocols.
  • Total investment of $485,000 – $2,500,000, for your build-out, training, and opening.
  • Experienced and Professional Corporate Team to assist with all aspect of planning, training, execution and on-going support!

teamWe invite you to contact us to ask questions and discuss whether the Tin Fish is right for you! Everyone is different. If you think you have what it takes and would be an awesome candidate for joining the Tin Fish, our team welcomes you to call and discuss who you are and the dedication it takes to be RELENTLESS every day!

All new Tin Fish Restaurant operators will receive our FULL TEAM to assist in all aspects of your training with daily support through our systems. Once you become part of the Tin Fish as a Licensee, you will have access to all our teams cell phone numbers, email addresses of our Tin Fish team! You will have our true dedication and commitment as we will be immediately available to you throughout each hour of your day…EVERYDAY – 24/7.



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