1. Candidate reviews the Tin Fish Restaurant’s licensee & location information online; Why Tin Fish Restaurants, Training & Support,  Licensed Location Brochure.  
  2. Candidate fills in the online Licensee Application and development team reviews application and contacts the candidate. We will request a printed version of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for both parties to receive.
  3. A Verification Questionnaire is completed by the licensee applicant. A background check and credit history report is obtained by Tin Fish Restaurant’s corporate office and reviewed.
  4. An appointment is set with qualified candidate to visit Tin Fish Restaurant’s corporate office for personal interview, where the candidate will then also be disclosed with current business operating documentation.
  5. After personal interview, the TIN FISH review team notifies candidate that they are approved or denied.
  6. A License Agreement is sent to the approved candidate to be signed and the License fee is paid. 
  7. The approved Licensor will attend a the orientation and training in Okeechobee, Florida.
  8. All potential sites are submitted by the Licensee to Tin Fish Headquarters for approval, we will also be working on sites.
  9. Once the site has been approved, Tin Fish Restaurant’s does an initial store layout. You follow the process that Tin Fish Restaurant’s has prepared for build-out and new unit construction.
  10. Corporate training staff will visit your restaurant for 2 week for hands on training.  After training, a final inspection of facility and staff will be completed minimum 2 days prior to opening.

The Tin Fish® Restaurant Grand Opening!!