Make It Big With a Career at The Tin Fish Restaurants !

*”The Tin Fish Restaurants, its founder and staff have created over 700 jobs to date and growing!”

Looking for a career where you enjoy what you do everyday? Where you can work towards goals that grow your opportunities year after year? Where you feel part of an exciting business family? Then please consider The Tin Fish Restaurants companies where we offer fulfilling careers in the food industry from kitchen staff to hospitality staff to owners of your own Tin Fish Restaurant  store and even more! We have a fun University that offers you all that you need to succeed in this industry.

We are a path to grow nationally for great opportunities around the country. We assist our locations to fulfill their needed positions, and hire for our company owned properties as well, where we work together for a career of a lifetime. Our team works to grow our companies from within, and works to assure your success and goals are understood clearly throughout your career with Tin Fish. Your results are a direct result of your enjoyment and understanding – and we want great results for us all!

Please contact us today to have one of our associates talk to you about either a new career for you or to assist for your current continuing career in the food and restaurant industry. Thank you for considering The Tin Fish Restaurants for your future!

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*Disclaimer: The amount of jobs created to date is an estimate of the amount of jobs created by The Tin Fish Restaurant and staff. It may be more or less then offered – The Tin Fish Restaurants and staff do proudly contribute to the national job growth.


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